From aerospace & defence to security & transportation, Thales helps its customers to create a safer world

Creativity with commercial sense

Thales is a large operation, so we need to be agile

Over 6 months we developed a new strategy and brand identity that targets high-value customers in the airline industry. Featuring a dynamic new logo system, comprehensive visual identity. From packaging with integrated memory stick and a more human tone of voice to digital communications and advertising.

Evolving technology means that Thales has to stay a step ahead, but more importantly, they need to innovate and explore new creative communication solutions to showcase their products and their business strategy. We’ve been there to accompany them on that journey and that support continues today.

Thales is a large operation, so we need to be agile. But our relationship is underpinned by trust. We are always there to advise, agree or challenge, to provide copy support, a new creative approach or a simple web banner design.