As a society, in our 24 hour culture, we expect immediate and easy access to information. Film is a great way to ensure your viewer is fed the information they need about your business in an engaging, exciting way. Before filming begins, we will spend time chatting through the important aspects of your business or product to ensure the finished film has the correct content to ensure your viewers understand what your business or product offers.

This is one of a collection of films for a colour match product. We created a 3D render which enabled us to make the editing more versatile.

Information graphics and animation allows you to present facts about a product or service without the need for filming. The success of the video depends on the quality of the initial script and storyboard. We are happy to work alongside you to work on a script that you have pre-prepared or to devise a script for you – either way is fine. We create a storyboard before the editing process begins to ensure you are completely happy with the style and message the video is portraying to ensure it will connect with your target audience.